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Geometry Dash Lite

The best game of the present day – it will afford you fantasy of flying and jumping your way through danger in this rhythm-based platform. This high quality product is renewed at regular intervals to ensure that it remains relevant and that it continues affording you the fantasy even in this ever changing time. At present, the newest version of the game which was released on fifth of January 2016 is Geometry Dash Lite 2.1. This application can be used on both iPhone and iPad. Moreover, the latest version of the game has a weight of only 45.6 MB thus it occupies very little space in your gadget. What is best is the fact that this application is available for free download. The language used on this high quality app is predominantly English. The fact that English is widely spoken language makes this app available for many people across the world. The current version and all versions that preceded it have been rated highly by internet users who have enjoyed the game. Development and Release Geometry Dash lite is a mobile game that was developed by a Sweden based developer by the name Robert Topala for the first time in 2013. The game was then published thereafter by a company called Rob Top Games. The game was initially made for computer but later Topala thought of making it compatible with mobile. It took the developer about four months to create the app and take it to app store. On release the game was first called Geometry Jump but was later renamed Geometry Dash. On release, the game gained popularity pretty fast across the globe and especially in Canada where it was recognized for achieving the most popular iPad app in the year 2014. The iOS and Android versions of the game were released on the thirteenth of August 2013 while the Steam version of the game was released on the twenty second of Dec 2014. Afree version of the game that is very popular called Geometry Dash Meltdown was released on the nineteenth of Dec 2015. At present, there are five licensed distributors of the geometry dash lite. You can therefore download the game free of charge on either Apple App store, Google Play Store, Windows App Store, Steam or the Amazon App Store. Platforms The game is compatible with a wide range of operating systems so as to allow a bigger number of users to access it. You can enjoy the game if your gadget has one of the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phoneand OS X. Gameplay Geometry Dash Lite is a rhythm-based game which currently involves 20 levels with each level featuring unique background music. The levels show an increase in difficulty as you advance. You do not have to complete one level so as to move to the next. Latest versions of the game feature a level editor, map packs, user-created levels, secret coins, user coins, great variety of icons and game modes and a secret vault.happy wheels The game is played in a simple tapping system that help you in controlling different vehicles that react when you press anywhere your touchscreen. By holding down on the screen constantly you constantly interact with some vehicles. You cannot control the speed at which the icon is moving unless you get it to interact with a speed changing portal. Timing is very important and you also need to keep rhythm. Crashing against an obstacle means you will have to start from the beginning. All levels are unlocked from the beginning and so you can play them out of order. You can collect a maximum of three secret coins in a level. However, the coins are usually hidden in very challenging areas and so you must be daring for you to earn the coins. orion sandbox

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