Geometry Dash Lite


There are six different forms of the icon and behave differently with each interaction. You have ability to change the forms using six different portals. Mini-portals are available to help you make further changes while gravity of the icons can be changed by gravity portals. These give up to thirty two different combinations of the icons which have ability to travel horizontally at up to four different speeds. Other portals will allow you to control two items at the same time. The portals are of different shapes and sizes thus their effects on the character are very variable. Portals can change form, speed or size of character, activate the dual mode, teleport the player and mirror of view. You can also use jumping devices which you activate by either just a touchor when interacting while on them. The jumping devices will make player to either jump, flip the force of gravity or do both.

geometry dash

Geometry Dash Lite can be played in two different modes: the normal and the two-player mode. In the normal mode, each touch on screen moves both the two icons while in the two player mode, tapping left side or your touchscreen interacts with the first icon and tapping right side of the screen interacts with the second icon.

After installation, you can unlock the game by getting a certain specified number of stars, completing a certain specified number of demon levels or official levels, adding friends or even rating custom levels. You will be rewarded with certain icons or colors if you unlock certain achievements. By achieving more, you will also get to access an icon kit forcustomizing your icons.

Geometry Dash Lite


Levels of the Game

The game has a total of twenty levels. Out of these twenty levels, you are able to play seventeen from the very beginning. The first levels are very plainly decorated but as one advances, the games get more difficult partly because of distracting decorations and flashing, rotation, pulsation and sometimes even invisibility of obstacles and some background elements. Levels are classified based on their difficulty from the simplest (Easy) to the toughest (Demon).


This game is very easy to get, learn and play. Moreover, you don’t have to go through all the initial levels, you can move directly to the top, more challenging and definitely more interesting levels from the start. Get this fee game now!